I originally started in 1982 breeding Maltese and spent some time enjoying these soft, sweet natured little ones...  But found, due to the need for a caring and nurturing home for the many homeless and unwanted dogs of all breeds that I over the years took into my home and heart, stopped breeding and concentrated on doing what was so very important at the time... easing the suffering of the many unloved breeds that were given to me, and then finding them a safer, more caring, forever home.


One especially, who stole my heart... was my Chang... a lovely Pekingese fellow that came to me in the saddest condition I have ever seen... He was literally covered in sores, had ear infections that on their own should have driven him crazy and had been neutered very badly... and was just in so much pain... anyway he stayed with me and became the most wonderful of normal little fellows and I will never forget my loved 'Bear'...

 For a few years I concentrated on re-educating myself and taught in many different spheres and many different subjects to a very large diversity of people in need of special and individual attention.. before returning to my passion.. furry little ones..
As with everything I do, I pour all of my energies into doing what I do to the best of my abilities and spend endless hours researching and checking to assure that I am doing what is
'right'... Our breeding here is the same...  as 'right' as we can make it for the best interest of our breed and our little ones attest to the fact that our plans are indeed producing the progeny we have hoped for.
We have not been out 'there' much as yet in the show ring but this year is set to be a great one for us and we hope to meet the many people who have helped us along the way at some of the shows we will enter.
There are so many people that I feel a debt of gratitude to for your support and the amount of time and information you have given us...
We are members of the Victorian Canine Association, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Victoria and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of NSW and also would like to thank them for their support and advice during our membership.

Cherie - St Luke Cavaliers